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    Talking to Millions

    I had the chance to talk to 3.75 million people last night. Really. My long time client and friend Joe Cipriano is the announcer on Wheel of Fortune this week as part of a working audition to get the permanent position. He was a guest on the Jim Bohannon Show on the Westwood One Radio Network, and that show has an estimated audience of 3.75 million. I assure you that’s not what I was thinking when I called in and was put on the air. I was nervous. The funny thing is that my background is broadcasting – I have been an announcer, newscaster, talk show host and producer among…

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    A New Digg

    The social news website Digg has released a major re-working called Version 4. The site was first launched as an experiment in November 2004, then re-launched the following July with Version 2.0. In that version the creators featured a “friends list” which made the site one of the pioneers in social media. The concept was to bookmark or “Digg” web pages that your friends could see if they were following you. This was still a year before Twitter came along so at the time it was quite innovative. In 2006 version 3.0 came along with changes that included being able with specific topics such as Entertainment, World & Business, and…

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    Electronic Pearl Harbor

    I don’t have much use for most of our politicians from Virginia – with one notable exception: Congressman Randy Forbes. He seems to share my core values, and he appears to be a “real” person. I mean anyone who rides a big bike at the head of the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom in Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day Weekend can’t be all bad. Perhaps even more importantly Forbes appears to “get it” when it comes to the Internet based threat we face from foreign powers. In a recent Newsletter Congressman Forbes wrote about an Electronic Pearl Harbor describing in interesting detail how cyber security attacks against the United States…

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    Beam me up, Scotty!

    In October 1994, the Star Trek Association of Towson, a fan club in Towson, Maryland, sponsored “The Big E Con,” a convention held aboard the carrier Enterprise while the ship was at its home port of Norfolk, Virginia. The events featured tours of the ship and appearances by Star Trek notables including James Doohan, or “Scotty” on the original series. At the time I was the production Director for WFOG radio. The week preceding the convention as part of the pre-promotion I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Doohan by phone at his home in Redmond Washington. I tried to keep the interview interesting by focusing on Jimmy Doohan, and…

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    Into The Clouds

    I guess it must be my ADD kicking in… A client asked my new company IMS to quote developing a couple of commerce web sites… including hosting costs. Well since I just launched the new company I have been busy… getting the banking in place, obtaining business licenses, finding and leasing office space, staffing the company. Hosting? I had not really thought about it in terms of giving a quote since developing price grids for Pinnacle Online when I was the CEO – and that was going on four years ago! One of the terms that was brand new back then but too new to act upon was Cloud Computing.…

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    A Search Engine Optimization White Paper

    Before I was made the Vice President of Client Services for our company I served as the Senior Web Consultant. That was no accident; begin part of the “boomer” generation makes me pretty senior. I have also been in the internet business from the beginning and have developed some pretty strong opinions along the way. Here is a white paper I prepared for the Clients of Web Teks around the beginning of 2008. While a lot of it reads like a commercial, it is based on some lessons learned along the way. It is my hope you will gain a better perspective on Search Engine Marketing by engaging this White…

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    Gerald Ford

    On December 26, 2006, Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States died in Rancho Mirage, CA. The next day I received an email from a reporter from the Winter Haven News Chief who found out I had an occasion to meet President Ford when I was a reporter in central Florida.  After a very nice phone interview, this is what appeared in the paper. Former Polk Radio News Reporter Interviewed Ford In 1980sBy Diane NicholsNews Chief staff It was only a sliver of time that took place decades ago, yet Tom Anthony, a former Polk County news reporter for radio station WQPD-AM in Lakeland, remembers those minutes well.…

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    iTunes U and the opposite Podcast

    I have been listening to lots and lots of podcasts on iTunes. Most of them pure crap – but some very worthwhile material is available. Head and shoulders above the pack for my taste are three files I found on iTunes U featuring Author Thomas L. Friedman. First if you have not purchased the book “The World Is Flat” you are really missing the picture of how and why the world is transforming into a global economy. Do a power search for Friedman and you’ll find those files and a great talk about his new book, Green is the new Red White and Blue. This is Very worthwhile material. Second,…

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    Social Networks: useful or enormous Waste of Time?

    It’s been a bit of a roller coaster researching social networks. The process is the same for most of them. It’s a free account, and after you set it up you write a little profile. One of mine says it fairly succinctly: I am on a professional mission to question all things related to the business of the Internet and to the best of my ability explain it in plain language to anyone interested. I kind of feel like Movie Critic Richard Roper – one of the guys on the TV show At The Movies. Sometimes he comments on how the movie he was reviewing was so bad it was…

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    I Hate Computers

    All I wanted to do was upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro 8. For some reason I got a permissions error. Then I tried to manually change the operating system registry. Big Mistake. That caused other programs – INCLUDING restore point – to not work. In other words I was not only hosed, I could not even revert back to an earlier ‘working’ version of windows. That was about 1:00 O’clock Yesterday Afternoon. At 2:00 AM this morning I finally had moved the necessary files, saved what I could and was prepared to start over. After checking, and re-checking I determined that I was going to loose some software because I…