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My focus has been on marketing and producing media for the internet for a very long time. I traded my broadcast career to become an Independent Business Owner. Originally as TomAnthonyDotCom, Inc., and later as IMS Internet Marketing Services, my clients included National, Regional, and Local organizations of all sizes. From designing digital and print marketing to building out Websites we were usually out in front of the technology.

Here is a sampling of videos produced for our clients and all archived on YouTube. I was surprised recently when I did the math to find between my two YouTube channels I have well exceeded 1 Million Views! (1,003,481 views as of 2/2/22). (links below) Please consider subscribing to my channel.

Most are 100% in-house. Some we edited specifically to use on the web from broadcast, others we contributed voice and or animation. While not presented as a definitive “Best Of” collection, it is a good cross section of my work.

I have also recently posted Examples of Digital Signage and Video for Email I created while Director of Corporate Marketing for Norfolk Wire & Electronics.

For more media examples see my main YouTube channel here, or an alternate channel of archived materials here.

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