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    Google Still Gaining Market Share

    Unlike most other technologies introduced in the past 20 years it seems that Google wants to defy the Diffusion of Innovations adoption curve. The What? It’s the theorem by Everett Rogers that says any idea or technology is accepted slowly at first, then takes off for a while, and finally is slowly adopted by the remaining group. For a little better explanation see the Wikipedia page here. [link still active 2021] Apparently that does not include Google since the most recent stats show an increase in usage. You would think everybody who is going to use Google is already there – but according to the firm comScore – Google’s Market…

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    A Search Engine Optimization White Paper

    Before I was made the Vice President of Client Services for our company I served as the Senior Web Consultant. That was no accident; begin part of the “boomer” generation makes me pretty senior. I have also been in the internet business from the beginning and have developed some pretty strong opinions along the way. Here is a white paper I prepared for the Clients of Web Teks around the beginning of 2008. While a lot of it reads like a commercial, it is based on some lessons learned along the way. It is my hope you will gain a better perspective on Search Engine Marketing by engaging this White…

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