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    Hashtag #hashtag #MoreViews #itIsBetter

    I wanted to share with you an observation about using hashtags on LinkedIn. Previously I posted what I thought was useful information on testing the passwords saved automatically in your browser.  Even with almost 4000 connections, only 14 people viewed the article. About a week later I posted an update with some new information. Thinking I would increase readership by including relevant hashtags I posted the update with #passwords #internetsecurity. 10 Views.  What the hell? Next, I found which hashtags were being used on LinkedIn.  After a Google search, I found several sites which claim to offer the “most popular” hashtags. Although a few of them looked like they were probably…

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    Social Networks: useful or enormous Waste of Time?

    It’s been a bit of a roller coaster researching social networks. The process is the same for most of them. It’s a free account, and after you set it up you write a little profile. One of mine says it fairly succinctly: I am on a professional mission to question all things related to the business of the Internet and to the best of my ability explain it in plain language to anyone interested. I kind of feel like Movie Critic Richard Roper – one of the guys on the TV show At The Movies. Sometimes he comments on how the movie he was reviewing was so bad it was…

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