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    News at 11…errr.. At 10

    Note: All of this archive came from my personal notes and not everything I wrote for PortFolio Weekly was published as is.  The extra bit at the bottom (marked Hewitt) looks like it included extended quotes I originally sent to the Editor.

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    Tech 49

    PortFolio Magazine Technology ColumnWritten by Tom AnthonyMay 29, 1998 Is it just me, or are the new computer models superseding the old ones so quickly that it seems to be a blur? Recently I mentioned to the guys at my favorite computer store that I would be building a new PC to replace the three-year-old dinosaur in my home office. Once, the day I brought the cute little DX66 computer home, it WAS fast. Compared to the computers at work it was like a lightning bolt. I’m not entirely sure it was my imagination, but it seems like it has been gradually slowing down every day since. Way back when…

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    Tech 48

    PortFolio Magazine Technology ColumnWritten by Tom AnthonyMay 19, 1998 Pick up most any newspaper and odds are there is a story somewhere about doing business on the Internet. You would think that just about everybody is making money hand over fist on this global computer network ‑ but that’s not really true. Some companies are doing exceedingly well selling everything from books to mailing lists. However, most of the business on the web involves selling exposure, not products.  Some of that gold lies in the form of the banner ad, a rectangle of information usually about the width of a postage stamp and about three quarters as wide as your screen. …

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    It all started here.

    11/30/2021According to public internet domain records I have owned tomanthony dot com since March 3, 1998. For the preceding year or so I had been updating and building commercial websites wherever I could, mostly for free, with the rationalization of doing the work to learn the trade. By the Spring of 1998, I was ready to leave my 9-5 broadcasting job and start my own business. Flash forward 23 years and while reviewing archived files from the business I ran across the first tomanthony dot com website captured in full on October 16, 1999. My first press release was entitled “tomanthony.com Establishes Internet Presence“. It all started here. February 28,…