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It all started here.

According to public internet domain records I have owned tomanthony dot com since March 3, 1998. For the preceding year or so I had been updating and building commercial websites wherever I could, mostly for free, with the rationalization of doing the work to learn the trade. By the Spring of 1998, I was ready to leave my 9-5 broadcasting job and start my own business.

Flash forward 23 years and while reviewing archived files from the business I ran across the first tomanthony dot com website captured in full on October 16, 1999. My first press release was entitled “ Establishes Internet Presence“. It all started here.

February 28, 1998 Establishes Internet Presence
Building active content

“Today I took control.” Tom Anthony said as he launched a new Internet service company called appropriately enough, Tom Anthony Dot Com. Anthony is the Technology Editor for PortFolio Weekly Magazine, published in the Norfolk -Virginia Beach market of Virginia. He has written and contributed to dozens of features in nationally published broadcast trade magazines. Most recently Anthony worked for Max Media in Virginia Beach as Creative Services Director for both FOG FM, and WPTE FM. “When the two suits from Max Corporate came into my studio to impose downsizing on my position, I had already launched three commercial web sites and designed a company intranet for Max Media’s four local radio stations. The suits just scratched their heads when I laughed at the news.” Anthony said.

“I had already grown past that position. Today with an agreement to produce a national network of web sites for a Virginia Beach based service company, I’m on my way head-first into the new millennium. I’m proud to announce that my old friend Flip Michaels will be involved in this venture doing what he does best -writing!” Anthony added. Flip Michaels is professional author published in dozens of national magazines including Billboard. Michaels also produces a nationally syndicated radio program from his studios in Washington D.C. and does the freelance writing and production of radio commercials for stations all over the country.

“Professional and concise writing from accomplished authors like Flip and others on our staff will place us head and shoulders above the majority of web designers who know a lot more about writing computer code than effective advertising copy. Besides, these days there are plenty of programs that make HTML code no special secret. We all know there’s a World Wide Web – and now most anybody can put up a web site. The difference for today’s successful business owner is frequent fresh content, not static design. We don’t need any more pretty web sites that sit there and do nothing. The key to big and profitable results from the Internet is in getting people involved with your site and entertaining them during their visit. That’s my job.” According to Anthony.


Tom Anthony 1998
Tom Anthony 1998