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    Wi-Fi availability spreads, but just how safe is it?

    While I am in job hunting mode, I find myself taking breaks from reading through the many verbose job postings on Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Monster, etc. to do a little file housekeeping. I found this OP-ED piece I wrote for the weekly newspaper, Inside Business*.  Although it was written some years back, I found that it still stands up in terms of technology in the office.   Even the hacking software mentioned is still available. Without researching it I would bet a steak dinner that far more advanced hacking software programs are also widely available and free.  Here is a cautionary tale for your workplace from 2005. Enjoy and comment.…

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    Electronic Pearl Harbor

    I don’t have much use for most of our politicians from Virginia – with one notable exception: Congressman Randy Forbes. He seems to share my core values, and he appears to be a “real” person. I mean anyone who rides a big bike at the head of the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom in Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day Weekend can’t be all bad. Perhaps even more importantly Forbes appears to “get it” when it comes to the Internet based threat we face from foreign powers. In a recent Newsletter Congressman Forbes wrote about an Electronic Pearl Harbor describing in interesting detail how cyber security attacks against the United States…