Archive – Radio

Broadcasting has always been a defining part of my professional life. I earned my FCC 3rd Class Radio Telephone Operator’s Permit as a teenager in High School, and have loved media production since then.

WMJC WGSM Long IslandHere are a few recordings from my time producing commercials with Flip Michaels at WMJC/WGSM in Huntington, New York (Long Island).  It is mostly our voices with a radio announcer here and there. The one called “Radio It’s In The Air” won a RAB contest and Flip and I both received a Radio Mercury Award. That’s a pretty big deal.  

Here is the Original Radio Advertising Bureau presentation sent to a few thousand radio stations worldwide. It includes clips from a few of the commercials in the playlist above.


Under my Archive – Audio Production section I have examples of other types of audio I have produced that don’t quite fit the term “Radio”. My own voice over demo reel for example.