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I spent many years on the radio after studying for and receiving my FCC 3rd Class Radio Telephone Operator’s Permit in March 1974. Looking back at my actual license I read off the Call Signs and dates with just a little bit of nostalgia. WBAR, Bartow FL 3/21/74… WGTO, Cypress Gardens, FL 7/13/74… WHAN, Haines City, FL 5/16/76, WSIR, Winter Haven, FL 4/6/77…

Here are a few recordings from my days producing commercials with Flip Michaels at WMJC/WGSM in Huntington, New York (Long Island).  It is mostly our voices with a radio announcer here and there. The one called “Radio It’s In The Air” won a RAB contest in 1992 and Flip and I both received a Mercury Award. That’s a pretty big deal.  Below the playlist is the Original Radio Advertising Bureau presentation sent to a few thousand stations world wide.

RAB Presentation