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I wanted to share with you an observation about using hashtags on LinkedIn. Previously I posted what I thought was useful information on testing the passwords saved automatically in your browser.  Even with almost 4000 connections, only 14 people viewed the article. About a week later I posted an update with some new information. Thinking I would increase readership by including relevant hashtags I posted the update with #passwords #internetsecurity. 10 Views.  What the hell?

Next, I found which hashtags were being used on LinkedIn.  After a Google search, I found several sites which claim to offer the “most popular” hashtags. Although a few of them looked like they were probably on target, to me it is just as likely those sites are someone’s opinion. The “official” method in the LinkedIn Help section is straightforward, so that is where I started.

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I clicked on the hashtags I used in my follow-up article to find that the hashtag “#passwords” had 221 followers and “#InternetSecurity” listed 320. Not a huge audience. Then noticing an inspirational meme in my feed using the hashtags “#leadership” and “#vision”, I discovered the numbers are very different.  The hashtag “#leadership” lists 3,038,268 followers, while “#vision” lists 8,902. Wow. [lightbulb moment]

Next, I found a handful of inspirational quotes I especially liked and created a few meme graphics. (I used the free version of Adobe Spark – I will do an post next time on using that method). I used the hashtags “#leadership” and “#vision” and in the past week received 299 views. Much Better.

The hashtags in the block below are the ones I follow. For now.

#leadership #vision #technology #brand #tech #ecommerce #video #branding #gratitude #creativity #socialmedia #marketing #digitalmarketing