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A New Digg

The social news website Digg has released a major re-working called Version 4. The site was first launched as an experiment in November 2004, then re-launched the following July with Version 2.0. In that version the creators featured a “friends list” which made the site one of the pioneers in social media. The concept was to bookmark or “Digg” web pages that your friends could see if they were following you. This was still a year before Twitter came along so at the time it was quite innovative.

Digg LogoIn 2006 version 3.0 came along with changes that included being able with specific topics such as Entertainment, World & Business, and Technology. By that point I had become a subscriber but by no means a power user. Also by version 3 the site had gained enough momentum that submissions could suddenly gain popularity and cause a surge of traffic to the “dugg” website.

Earlier this year the top brass at Digg announced that the entire website would be re-vamped and on August 25, 2010 Version 4 was officially launched. When I got the notification I took a look at the new Digg I decided to give it another chance at holding my interest. Something it had failed to do from the beginning. I thought that since I am now more in tune with Facebook and Twitter, perhaps I would enjoy using the new “faster better” Digg. We’ll see.

If you want to follow me I would be honored. The username is tomanthonycom and my profile on Digg is located here:[no longer active]

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