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Is OS 8 great? It depends on who you ask, but the newest update to the Mac operating system is shaping up to be the biggest thing since sliced bread. Mac OS 08At least according to Mac users. I talked to John Crow, president of local Apple Computer retailer Memory Bank.

“The first shipment sold out before it hit the shelves,” Crow told me. “I just ordered another 50 units this morning, and they’ll be gone almost as soon as they arrive. It’s simply overwhelming.” What’s the big deal? “Well the biggest plus is actually behind the screen. We’ve got a half dozen Apple system engineers around here who can’t quit saying the word wow!”

What’s new compared to the most recent operating software? “The feature I like best is called the Multi threaded finder.” I’ll bite, what does it do? “Lots of things at once. As an example, you can download a file, send an e mail, and copy internal files all at the same time.”

If you are a PC person like I am, compare OS 8 to WIN95. “Only better.” Crow says. It’s hard to dismiss the passion Mac users are expressing for this new software. View two comes from my friend Ernie, engineer and all around Mac guy. “OS 8 is stable, easy to install and fun to work with.” O.K., Mac users seem to agree OS 8 is a big improvement, but is it better than Windows…(watch out for fireworks) Crow told me the difference. “The only people who don’t use Macintosh are those who have never tried it.” I choose to stay out of the cross fire on this one, but if you’re already sold on Mac you probably want OS 8.