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I Hate Computers

All I wanted to do was upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro 8. For some reason I got a permissions error. Then I tried to manually change the operating system registry. Big Mistake. That caused other programs – INCLUDING restore point – to not work. In other words I was not only hosed, I could not even revert back to an earlier ‘working’ version of windows. That was about 1:00 O’clock Yesterday Afternoon. At 2:00 AM this morning I finally had moved the necessary files, saved what I could and was prepared to start over.

After checking, and re-checking I determined that I was going to loose some software because I just could not find the serial number or receipts. $cha-ching. I also found out I had accidentally installed a “cracked” version of one of the main software titles I use. That means I had to upgrade the most recent version I did have serial numbers for to the current version. $cha-ching. Oh and not counting the operating system (Windows XP Pro) and Windows Updates – I counted 66 programs that needed to be reinstalled. I kid you not.

Adobe Audition 1.5
Adobe Audition 2.0
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Captivate 2
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator CS
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
AllWebMenuPro v4.2
Atomic email hunter
Atomic email logger
Atomic email verifier
Avant Go
Business plan pro
Divix browser plug in
DVD Ripper Platinum 4
FlashCapture v1.5
Google Earth
Macromedia Contribute 3.11
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
Macromedia Extension Manager
Macromedia Fireworks 8
Macromedia Flash 8
Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder
Macromedia FlashPaper 2
Macromedia FreeHand MXa
Macromedia HomeSite+
Magic Bullet Movie Looks
Marketing plan pro
Microsoft MapPoint North America 2004
Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003
Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003
Omni Page Pro
palo alto software manager
plaxo tool bar
Quickbooks pro 2005
ScanSoft OmniPage Pro 14.0
Site Map Pro 2.2
SiteMap Pro
Sonic Sonic MyDVD Studio Deluxe Suite
Sorenson Squeeze
Sorenson Squeeze 4.5
Stuff It
Swift 3D v4,50
ThumbsPlus 6.0
ThumbsPlus 7.0
Transcriber CE
Tweak UI
WebPosition 4 Pro Upgrade (from WP4 Std)
Windows Media Encoder
Windows Powertoy
Windows XP
WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.40-2
WinTasks Pro

See – that’s why I hate computers

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