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Tech #9812
March 30, 1998

Why do you think it is that we love to hate Microsoft? Personally I believe it’s because we’re all – myself included – really jealous of Bill Gates in his role as the richest guy in the known universe. Some may argue that Windows ’95 doesn’t work up to expectations. Others simply may be being defensive of their first and true love – Apple. Whatever the reason, if in fact you have something against the computer King Fish, you probably won’t like this review of Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 4.0 package.

I took the time to download the entire IE 4.0 package from the Microsoft web site the other night. It took almost eight hours – although I kinda fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the download and had to pick it up again when I awoke.  There are “extras” in that bundle which make the Windows ‘95 (screen) desktop an Internet friendly environment. Meaning…

After you load this Godzilla size software into your computer and restart, you’ll notice a change in the way your screen looks. There will be little buttons on the bottom of the screen that lead you directly to your Internet browser, e-mail, desktop, and a feature called “view channels” which would take a column all to itself to explain. Basically you pre-program areas of interest like news and entertainment. When you “view” your favorite “channel” the information you like will be waiting for you.

The e-mail package from Microsoft is called Outlook Express. It really does have more features than the other major programs like Netscape and Eudora. Mainly it is easy to use. If you have separate e-mail for work and home you will love how easy it is to switch between accounts. O.K., these are just a few of the side benefits included with the program. How does IE 4.0 work? Just fine. Since it’s a bigger program it takes a little longer to load, but after that it looks really good. There are web sites out that there come alive with this new program. Really. I just hope you are patient enough for the staggering download. If not IE 4.0 will be a standard part of Windows ‘98 when it comes out later this year.