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O.K., so not everyone has a home computer. Not everyone has Internet access at work. A friend asked me to explain. “What’s up there? What kind of world-wide-whatever things apply to this area for example?” Carmen Green of Virginia Beach wanted to know. Oh, lot’s and lot’s of stuff I told her. “Yeah, but is it anything I can use?” Well Carmen, that’s a matter of perspective.

Get on-line and find the home age of Internet search engine AltaVista (, and do a search using the words “Hampton Roads”. With 431,638 choices, it may take a while to see all there is to see on the Internet pertaining to us. The first listing will lead you to The Hampton Roads Resource Site Guide, a largely unfinished ad, with maps leading you to sponsor locations. First does not always mean best.

For a little more depth, you may try pointing your Internet browser to the following long web address: ( That’s the home page of the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton. You’ll find out about educational programs, exhibits, even the current schedule at the center ‘s IMAX Theater. Another site will give you everything you need to know about signing up the kids for Pony baseball. Feel lost? Look at ( It’s a map to find the Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach.  Then there’s the Virginian Pilot web site dealing with local ECHL hockey franchise, The Hampton Roads Admirals. ( Let’s see, that leaves 431,634 web pages to go. Take a load off Carmen.  This could take a while.