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Tech 23

TECH # 23


Survey says… A recent report issued by Zenith Media says advertising on the world-wide-web will explode over the next five years. “Oh, we’re very excited!” says Barbara Elliott, sales development manager for Pilot on-line, the Internet arm of local newspaper the Virginian Pilot. Just how does all this work I wondered.

“A lot of people think that just because you put a page on the Internet, the public will somehow automatically find it.” Elliott explained. That’s not true? “That’s far from how it works. It’s like opening a shop on a back street with no sign out front. To get people to look at your web site, you need exposure.” Elliott should know. The Virginian Pilot was one of the first newspapers in the nation on-line, way back in 1993! “About 30% of the Hampton Roads market has Internet access, and that number has doubled each year since 1995. With figures like these, we’ve seen a lot of interest from local companies who want to do business on the web.” Elliott told me.

What does an ad on the Internet look like? “It’s a rectangular box, called a Banner. Usually you’ll see a logo or eye catching graphic and an invitation to click for information.” explained Elliot. “The best part about all this I think, is that the Internet levels the playing field. A one person operation can look just like a multi-million dollar corporation on the Internet. More than that, with a business on-line your doors are open 24 hours a day.” Elliott added. Let’s face it, the way we shop is changing. For the better I think.