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TECH #18


I became upset with the folks who sell me Internet access, and started shopping for a new source. Wow. This Internet thing has really taken off! Have you looked at the Hampton Roads Yellow Pages left on your door step last month? There are 40 listings under INTERNET, compared to 17 in the previous book. The whole search for a new web service provider trek I’m on will merit a short series, but today I found one Virginia Beach firm that’s worth some space of their own.

It’s listed as Agent Knowledgebase Associates, second from the top. “We’re really an advertising agency specializing in web design.” Company president Rick Hauser told me. “But I hope Portfolio readers will know us better as greater Hampton Roads dot com.” Rick Hauser is not shy in any way. “We are the best source for people in this area for everything local.” Even though public relations were dripping from my telephone I must admit Rick has a point. is really cool. They have links to more local stuff than anyplace else I’ve seen. A clear path to sites of Hampton Roads publications like Portfolio Weekly and The Virginian Pilot are easily found. Upcoming events from every local community are current, as are local TV listings.

“It’s a public service, and a good one. It’s also not a bad thing for our advertisers that we get more than a million searches per month.” Rick confided. “Say, did you see our chat room?” I don’t do chat. is worth a bookmark near the top of my list though.